rc.iprsap utility: start SAP daemons on InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux




Use this utility to start the InfoPrint Manager SAP callback daemons for each SAP system defined to use InfoPrint Manager as an OMS (Output Management System). /etc/inittab invokes the rc.iprsap utility to automatically restart the InfoPrint Manager SAP daemons listed in this file during reboot if you activate it through SMIT as follows:

  • InfoPrint Printing System
    • Utilities
      • SAP Daemons
    Note: For specific information about a menu choice, press the F1 key for help.

As the administrator, you can edit the /etc/rc.iprsap file using a text editor, such as vi. Edit this file to include a startcbd line for each SAP System setup to receive callback notifications.