Configuring for a dual engine halftone printer

If you have either an InfoPrint 4000 Advanced Function Duplex Printing System – Models ID5/ID6 or an InfoPrint 4000 High Resolution Duplex Printing System, you can use the pdfprs client to drive a dual-engine configuration with customized halftone support for each engine. The pdfprs client can RIP both the color and the black-and-white (monochrome) PDF files, these printers only print black-and-white output. . In addition, these printers do not provide as extensive a performance benefit as that you will see when printing color PDF files. If you do print color PDF files and then want to switch to black-and-white PDF files, you must stop the RIPs and change the configuration files.

For this support, you must configure and start an even number of RIPs. The first RIP must be customized to use the first print engine's halftone configuration, and the second RIP must be customized to use the second print engine's halftone configuration. This pattern must be repeated for each RIP that is configured.

In addition, each RIP must be configured to use the desired halftone configuration at the daemon configuration level. For example, if you are using two InfoPrint 4000 printers, all the even-numbered RIPs should match the halftone configuration specified on printer1, while all the odd-numbered pages should match the halftone configuration specified on printer2. Sample PDF parallel transform (8264.cfg) configuration file for black and white provides an example of a monochrome RIP daemon configuration file, with the variables changed from the Color daemon configuration file in bold–face type.