Creating a transform with bin mappings

You can use the InfoPrint Manager transforms to process print jobs with different options, including which paper bins to use. First, you create a transform using the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI, specifying an input data stream and an output data stream. Then, you associate it with one or more printers. When you send a print job to that printer, your transform checks to see if the file is the data stream that needs to be transformed. If it does, the transform converts the file as you specified; if it is not, the transform passes the file to the logical destination. As a result, if you do not want to use the same bin mappings for all of your printers, you can create several different transforms, all with different mappings. Then, associate each transform with whichever printer or printers you want.
Note: If you will be sending both PCL and PostScript jobs to the same printer, you can create two transform objects (one that accepts PCL and one that accepts PostScript) and associate them both with that printer.

Follow these steps to create a transform that maps PCL or PostScript bins to AFP bins.