IPDS error recovery: Data stream errors

For data stream errors, the job might continue printing or the job might be terminated, depending on the severity of the error. There are hundreds of specific data stream errors. If one data stream error is defined for the error, InfoPrint Manager directs the printer to continue processing the page and take an alternate exception action.

When a data stream error occurs, messages are produced describing the problem and the recovery actions performed. The messages report details about the error and include the page number where the error occurred. After InfoPrint Manager receives a data stream error from the printer and produces a message, it uses station counters returned from the printer to continue printing without skipping or reprinting any pages.

Reporting of some data stream errors (for example, using undefined code points in a font or printing outside of the valid printable area) can be controlled with job attributes. This allows the job submitter to decide whether error messages or printer error marks should be generated when these types of errors are encountered: