IPDS error recovery: Unrecoverable problems

Unrecoverable problems cause the InfoPrint Manager software or printer software to stop functioning or prevent them from communicating with each other. Examples of unrecoverable errors include: server system crash, software core dump, printer abort, power failure, or severe network problems.

These errors prevent the InfoPrint Manager software from obtaining current station counter status information from the printer. In these cases, InfoPrint Manager cannot determine how many pages and which jobs printed since the last set of valid station counters were received. InfoPrint Manager considers a job complete only when all pages are reported by the printer as stacked. In most cases, some pages for one or more jobs will print between the time InfoPrint Manager last received a printer acknowledgment and the time the unrecoverable error occurs.

Those jobs, because they are considered incomplete, will normally start printing from the beginning when the problem is resolved and both the InfoPrint Manager software and the printer are operating and communicating again.

However, if the submitter or operator does not wa