Modifying the charset and codepage GRID files

You can avoid having InfoPrint download fonts by adding font entries that map the font character set or code page that is most referenced in jobs to a global identifier for a resident font.

For example, if your jobs specify the Prestige 10-point font that is character set C0S0PR10, and that font is not available, you can map the Prestige 10-point font to a similar font that is either resident on your printer or available for InfoPrint to download to your printer. In this procedure, you map the Prestige 10-point font to Gothic 10-point font, character set C0D0GT10.

Perform these steps:

  1. From the AIX command line, change to the /var/psf/PrinterName directory, where PrinterName is the name of the InfoPrint actual destination representing the printer device.
  2. Create the charset.grd file from the charset.grd.sample file. Enter the command:
    cp /usr/lpp/psf/grd/charset.grd.sample charset.grd
  3. Using an AIX editor such as vi, edit the charset.grd file you just created. Copy this line for the Gothic 10-point printer-resident font and paste it at the end of the