Using the XML transforms with InfoPrint Manager

XML has become the key standard in the deployment of new technologies for Web services, data interchange, messaging, and application integration. Support for XML is found in several printing products, including XML Extender and Print Services Facility (PSF) for z/OS.

The XML transforms are the preferred method for printing highly-dynamic XML data on AFP printers because the transforms can efficiently process data that changes from job to job. The XML transforms are also an efficient, cost-effective alternative to paper-based communication because it can transform XML data to PDF documents for electronic delivery to customers.

Other benefits of using xml2afp and xml2pdf to transform XML data to AFP or PDF include:

  • You can use your existing AFP output system to print or view your XML data without worrying about compatibility issues.
  • The XML transforms provide you with significant formatting flexibility for your XML documents.
  • Print delivery is guaranteed when you transform your XML data to AFP and then print to an AFP printer.
  • Once XML data is transformed, you can use different tools to: