Using the Job Settings dialog

You can change several settings related to the print job by using the Job Settings dialog. The changes you make in the Job Settings dialog affect only the current job. The Job Settings dialog is disabled by default. To activate the Jobs Settings dialog, select Activate Job Settings Dialog from the InfoPrint Select menu. The tabs/pages associated with this dialog are:

General Attributes page

Use this page to choose a job name and display the name and address of the job owner. You can set these values:
Job name
Indicates the name of the job you are submitting. By default, the application from which you are submitting the job specifies the job name. To specify a different name for the job, enter the new name in the field. Depending on the Select configuration, this name can print on the start sheet for the job.
Indicates the user name and address of the job sender. This field cannot be changed.

To submit a confidential job, select the Confidential job checkbox. If you select the Confidential job checkbox, the document cannot be viewed in the JobViewer.

On this page you can check the Do not display this dialog again chec