Installing and Configuring the Update Server on a Linux system

The InfoPrint Manager client systems can be set up to update automatically. For these client systems to be automatically updated, you must configure an update server.

InfoPrint Manager lets you configure an automatic updating environment for the client systems. The updating environment consists of two main components: the update server and the client system configuration. When an update server is configured, all the client machines can connect to the update server to install the available updates. Setting up an automatic update system allows all systems to be up to date with the latest patches.

Before starting to configure the update server settings, you need to install the update server.
  1. Insert the InfoPrint Manager for Windows Common Clients DVD-ROM into your DVD-ROM drive.
  2. Install ipr-ipmupdateserver-nn.nn.nn-nn.x86_64.rpm to install the update server, where nn.nn.nn-nn is the version number.

To configure the update server settings: