Places where error information is recorded

This section lists a few of the places you should look to get information about errors configuring and using AFP Upload on TCP/IP networks:

error.log for an InfoPrint Manager actual destination
The AFP Upload client program operates as an InfoPrint Manager PSF Upload TCP/IP actual destination. Like all InfoPrint Manager actual destinations, it records error messages in a file named error.log in the directory for the InfoPrint Manager actual destination. The directory is named
  • /var/psf/printername
where printername is the name of the InfoPrint Manager actual destination.

You can use the psfmsg command to display detailed information about any InfoPrint Manager PSF message. For more information about the psfmsg command, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.

MVS console log
The MVS console log contains information about host server program errors, especially if the host server program runs in a startable address space.
MVS held output
If the host server program runs as a job managed by an MVS initiator, check the job's held output for information about errors. You must use a MSGCLASS on the JCL JOB statement that causes job execution data sets to be held.
SYSPRINT data set
The AFP Upload host server program records its configuration values and information about run-time errors in the data set referenced by the SYSPRINT DD statement. See Specifying the SYSPRINT DD statement.