RICOH AFP Resource Installer

RICOH AFP Resource Installer is a key element of an AFP color management system when resources are stored in central libraries. You can use it to create, install, and manage color management resources (CMRs) and data objects for use in your system.

AFP Resource Installer is a Java application that you install on a Windows workstation. You can use it to install and work with fonts in addition to CMRs and data objects.

You can use AFP Resource Installer to:

  • Create CMRs from existing data, including ICC profiles.

    You can use a wizard to guide you through the process.

  • Install CMRs, fonts, and data objects in resource libraries on the local system or on any system that you can access with FTP.
  • Associate CMRs with data objects, so data objects can be reproduced accurately on different printers.

    In some cases, you can reduce the file size of your images by removing the embedded color profile from the file and using an associated CMR.

  • Mark resources as capturable.

    Capturable resources can be captured and saved in the printer for use with other print jobs, which can help improve system performance. The print server queries the printer before it sends any resources; if the printer already has the resource, the print server does not have to send it.

  • Mark resources as private.

    Private resources cannot be captured in the printer and must be downloaded with every print job that uses them. For example, you can mark signature files used for company checks as private for security reasons.

When you use AFP Resource Installer to install a color conversion CMR, the software automatically creates link (LK) CMRs between the new color conversion CMR and the existing color conversion CMRs. When a print file references the new CMR, the print server automatically downloads the link CMRs that match the target device type and model and sends them to the printer with the print job. If one of those link CMRs is appropriate, the printer can use it instead of having to spend extra time creating a link CMR.

To let a print server use resources installed by AFP Resource Installer, you must add the path to the resource libraries to the AFP resource path in the server.