Configuring the InfoPrint Manager for AIX Server to support shared files

If you have installed Samba for AIX and you use Submit Express from Microsoft Windows workstations, you can configure InfoPrint Manager on your AIX system with user access and a shared directory that InfoPrint Manager will use for saving processed or rasterized files. Where applicable, this directory is also used when users preview Postscript files from the InfoPrint Manager Submit application.

To configure:

  1. From the dtterm window, type SMIT.
  2. Select InfoPrint Printing System.
  3. Select InfoPrint Utilities.
  4. Now select Configure Samba for InfoPrint Manager for AIX.
  5. Select Enable Clients Shared File System.

    An animated icon of a running man will raise his arms when the setup is complete. Your AIX system will now have a shared directory (/ipdata) that some InfoPrint applications use for saving files and sharing data. An AIX userid called ipuser is created with no password. To set a password for ipuser, use the SMIT panels to modify the password.

  6. Now, you need to configure the Submit client (see Configuring the InfoPrint Submit Express client for InfoPrint Manager for AIX , InfoPrint Manager for Linux, and InfoPrint Manager for Windows ).