Coded Font File

The IBM Coded Font File maps AFP coded fonts to their AFP character sets and AFP code pages. Use these two Coded Font Files with the afp2pdf transform:
This file contains definitions for approximately 2500 IBM-supplied coded fonts.
You can create this optional file to define a list of any coded fonts you have created and place it in the FONT subdirectory.

If a coded.fnt file exists in the FONT subdirectory, it is searched first for the coded fonts used in an AFP file. Here is an example of the contents of the coded.fnt file:

X?A155N2 = C?A155N1, T1DCDCFS
X?AE10 = C?S0Ae10, T1S0AE10
X?GT10 = C?D0GT10, T1D0BASE
X?ST15 = C?D0ST15, T1D0BASE
X?A0770C - C?A07700, T1GI0361
X0T0550C = C0T05500, T1DCDCFS

  • A question mark (?) can only be used as the wildcard character for the second character in the coded font name and the character set name. With this rule, all the character rotations of the coded fonts can be handled with one entry or searching.
  • A sequential search is performed for the coded font, and the first match is used, including the wildcard character.

After the coded font name, the character set name must be listed first, followed by the code page name.

The character set and code page must be separated by a comma.