About SNMP communication

For network printers that work with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the standard printer management information block (MIB) described in RFC 1759, the InfoPrint Manager server can use SNMP to automatically:

  • Set the default of several InfoPrint Manager actual destination attributes in the printer to the values returned in the standard printer MIB. The actual destination attributes pertain to trays, media, bins, plexes, and sides. This process is called smart–defaulting the attributes.
  • Detect, report, and recover from printer problems for several conditions, even if no jobs are currently being printed.
  • Assess device specific information directly.
  • Execute device commands directly on the device.

InfoPrint Manager includes support for SNMP Version 3 (SNMPv3). This version enhances the security of SNMP communications between InfoPrint Manager and printers, and it includes encrypted and authenticated management traffic and protected remote configuration and device status messages.

SNMPv3 supports these levels of security:

  • Minimum- Without authentication and privacy.
  • Medium- With authentication, but without privacy.
  • Maximum- With authentication and privacy.

To support these security levels, new SNMPv3 actual destination attributes are added. See Procedures for more information.