Accessing device information

You can use the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI or the pdls command to access information about SNMP devices.

Besides providing information about the actual destination object, InfoPrint Manager allows you to access information directly from the printer. InfoPrint Manager uses device-specific attributes to provide this function. While device-specific actual destination attributes are accessed through an actual destination, the information comes from the physical printer. The device-specific attributes are not returned when you ask for all the actual destination’s attributes. You have to request the device-specific attributes specifically or you can use -r all-device to query all the device-specific attributes.

This is the list of non-settable device-specific actual destination attributes:

  • device-description
  • device-input-trays
  • device-ip-address
  • device-manufacturer
  • device-marker-supplies
  • device-media-supported
  • device-model
  • device-op-panel-locked
  • device-output-bins
  • device-printer-name
  • device-ready-media
  • device-serial-number
  • device-state
  • device-version

This is the list of settable device-specific actual destination attributes:

  • device-contact
  • device-location

  1. Not all printers report all these attributes.
  2. The information returned is not translated.
The InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface can launch a Status window that displays information returned from SNMP. The window lets you see a detailed view of the status of an SNMP printer. It includes a graphic representation of the printer and its current status, such as whether it has a paper jam or a door open.

To see the Status window from the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface:

  1. Select an SNMP printer.
  2. Select Check Status.
  3. Select More Information.

You can use the pdls command to access SNMP device information with the -r flag, such as output-bins, like this:

pdls -c destination -r device-output-bins prt5-ad
Note: You can filter for specific device information with the -f flag.

You can also use the pdls command to access all the information for an SNMP device by specifying the -r flag with the all-device value.

For more information about the pdls command, see Chapter 2, “InfoPrint Manager Tools” in the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.