Smart-defaulting actual destination attributes

The InfoPrint Manager server can automatically smart-default an actual destination attribute for an SNMP printer only if an InfoPrint Manager user does one of these:

  • Does not explicitly set the attribute when creating or modifying the actual destination
  • Resets the attribute to the InfoPrint Manager default

Before you create the actual destination and let the server smart-default one or more actual destination attributes for a printer, we recommend that you:

  1. Turn the printer on.
  2. Make sure the printer is connected to the network.
The actual destination attributes that the server can smart-default are:
  • destination-model
  • input-trays-medium (also smart-defaults the attributes input-trays-supported and media-ready)
  • media-ready
  • media-supported
  • output-bin-numbers (also smart-defaults the attribute output-bins-supported)
  • plexes-supported
  • psf-tray-characteristics (also smart-defaults the attributes input-trays-supported and media-ready)
  • sides-supported

For media, smart-defaulting only detects the size of the medium. If you have different media that are the same size (for example, three different letter-size preprinted forms) and you need to differentiate between them in the attributes, you must explicitly set the attributes instead of using smart–defaulting.