Associating the post-print accounting user-exit program with an actual destination

You can use the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface to specify auxiliary sheets to collect post-print accounting information about jobs processed (as opposed to printed) by a selected PSF printer. Start the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface and select the printer that you want to associate with an auxiliary sheet. Then, click Printer → Properties to open the Printer Properties notebook. To complete this task, see the online help in theInfoPrint Manager Administration Interface, starting with the topic Using auxiliary-sheet objects. Then set the attribute of the auxiliary sheet object using the command shown in Activating the user-exit program.

To activate the post-print accounting exit program, specify psf-post-print-accounting-program-name=ainuxjobcompletion in the auxiliary sheet object associated with the destination.

Each PSF printer actual destination can have one, both, or neither of the two accounting methods (accounting and post-print accounting) active. If the accounting setup is intended to be the same for all PSF printers, this can all be done with one auxiliary sheet object, which can either be one you have created or the default accounting-log auxiliary sheet object supplied by InfoPrint.