Viewing a Job in the InfoPrint Manager Web Interface

Use this option to view the documents for the selected job.

  • The Job Viewer function in the Web Interface application depends on the correct hostnames. You might have to add entries to your hosts file on your client computer to correctly resolve the host name resolution.
  • The Web Server needs to run on the system where the actual document is located.

  • The View Job option is enabled only when the job is in pending, paused, held, unknown, or retained status.
  • Job Viewer supports these data streams:
    • AFP
    • PCL
    • PDF
    • PS
    For any other input streams, the view operation only works if the job was pre-ripped.
  • To view a document content, you must be added to the JobViewer group and have rights to run the InfoPrint Manager list commands. The members of the JobViewer group are authorized to view the job print files if the confidential-job attribute value is set to false or to its default value.

    You can add users to the JobViewer group using the command line or the InfoPrint Manager Management Interface. For more information, see the Working with ACLs and groups section in the RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Procedures book.

  • The View Job option allows you:
    • to view the documents for the selected job;
    • to go through the pages of the document;
    • to jump to a specific page.
    • to view the whole document if this option is enabled in InfoPrint Manager Management Interface. Also, if you have the PDF viewer plug-in installed, you can search for information in the whole document.
  • Embedded PDF files can be viewed only when the job is viewed page by page. When viewing the full document, the embedded PDF files are not supported.

When you select a job, a dialog is displayed containing the document names, IDs, and a statement indicating if the document can be viewed or not.

You can select only one document at a time.

To view a job:

  1. Select the job that you want to view in the main panel or in the Jobs panel.
  2. Right-click the job and select View job.
  3. In the View Job dialog, select the document you want to view and click View.
  4. The document content is displayed in a new browser tab.
  5. Use the viewer controls to move through the job.

  • The Job Viewer uses AFP fonts if it can find them in any of these places:
    1. Inline with the job

    2. In the directories specified by the AFP resource path job property

    3. In:

      • /usr/lpp/psf/reslib for AIX and Linux
      • /usr/lpp/psf/reslib
      if no directories are specified in configuration files.

  • The Job Viewer uses the embedded form definition from the AFP document. If there is no embedded form definition, a default form definition is used: F1A10110.