What sample user-exit programs are available?

InfoPrint Manager supplies sample user-exit programs for the header, separator, and trailer pages, for accounting and audit data, and for post-print accounting data. The sample header, separator, and trailer page user-exit programs generate Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) data stream pages. The sample accounting and audit user-exit programs generate ASCII data in a report file format or write to a log file. The sample post-print accounting user-exit program only writes to a log file. InfoPrint Manager also supplies sample user-exit programs for input data and output data; however, these user-exit programs do not do any function. You can use all of these sample programs as they are or you can modify them.

If you choose to modify the existing user-exit programs, the source code for each one is located in the /usr/lpp/psf/usr/lpp/psf/exits directory. InfoPrint Manager supplies these sample programs:

Sample user-exit programs

Type of user-exit File Name Description
Header Page ainuxhdr.c Generates brief style start sheet.
ainuxhdr2.c Generates full style start sheet.
ainuxhdrp.c Generates start sheet with job ticket information.
ainuxhdrx.c Generates start sheet without vertical lines.
pduxblkh.c Generates a blank start sheet.
Separator Page ainuxsep.c Generates brief style separator sheet
ainuxsep2.c Generates full style separator sheet.
ainuxsepp.c Generates separator sheet with job ticket information.
ainuxsepx.c Generates separator sheet without vertical lines.
pduxblks.c Generates a blank separator sheet.
Trailer Page ainuxtlr.c Generates brief style end sheet.