Configuring the update clients on a Windows system with SSL/TLS

When InfoPrint Manager Update Server uses a certificate signed by a globally known third-party Certificate Authority (CA) and you are not using Mutual Authentication, no configuration is required on client machines.
If your organization is using a custom CA autority or if Mutual Authentication is enabled on InfoPrint Manager Update Server, see these steps to update clients with SSL/TLS:
  1. Copy the ipmssl.cfg file from <install_dir>\cfg-samples\ssl\ to <configuration_path>\ssl directory.
  2. Edit the ipmssl.cfg file using a text editor.
    Note: For additional information on how to configure SSL/TLS communication, see chapter Enabling Transport Layer Security encryption for InfoPrint Manager clients for Windows in RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Procedures.
  3. Reboot the computer or restart the Infoprint Manager Update service.