Using InfoPrint Select in a Windows Terminal Server (WTS) and Citrix Environment

InfoPrint Select can be used in a Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Environment; however, some functions should be disabled by the administrator.

InfoPrint Select Notifications

By default, the installation of InfoPrint Select adds the InfoPrint Select Notification program to the Startup directory of all users. The default installation of InfoPrint Select Notification does not work on the WTS and Citrix clients. You can choose to either disable the InfoPrint Select Notification option or you can configure and manage the InfoPrint Select Notification Port through the Select.ini configuration file in Select.ini file, for each user, to allow the use of InfoPrint Select Notification. If you want to allow each user to use the InfoPrint Select Notification option, each user needs to be assigned a unique TCP/IP port on the WTS or Citrix server. The administrator must make sure that each user has a unique port assigned. If two users are assigned the same port, one user gets all notification messages for both users. The other user receives no notification messages.

Enhanced InfoPrint Select and InfoPrint Select Error Messages

The administrator should not allow users to connect through the Console, Microsoft RDP, or Citrix ICA at the same time. The Print Spooler service resides on the Windows server and runs separately from the user environment. Because of this, InfoPrint Select can run into conflicts while determining the correct session associated with the user or process that requested to print a job and can encounter problems displaying the Enhanced InfoPrint Select and InfoPrint Select Error Messages windows.

Select.ini file

Select creates an .ini file for each user ID to store that user's settings. The file is generated the first time Select is invoked by each user if it does not already exist. The file is stored in \RICOH\InfoPrint Select\Select.ini within the user application data folder specified by the %APPDATA% environment variable. The WTS and Citrix administrator should create or modify the existing file for all users. The file should look like this:

[User Preferences]
Notification Port=5157
Use default .att file=0
Default .att file=
[Submission Window]
[Job Recovery]
Pause jobs if submission fails=0
Suppress submission errors=1 
The key settings are:
  • Notification Port=5157 - Must be set to a unique port number if Notifications are being used. If InfoPrint Select is not being used, it does not need to be changed.
  • Suppress=1 - Suppresses the Job Settings Dialog.
  • Suppress submission errors=1 - Suppresses error messages found during submission.
  • Pause jobs if submission fails=0 - Optionally can set this to 1 to cause failed jobs to be retained on the WTS Windows spool for resubmission by the administrator.
Note: Windows creates a user profile the first time a user logs on to a computer. At subsequent logons, the system loads the user's profile, and then other system components configure the user's environment according to the information in the profile. Administrator should make sure users log on to the Windows system before logging on through the Citrix client and using the InfoPrint Select.