Sample ipin_response file

// File: ipin_response
// Project: InfoPrint Manager Installer
// Purpose: Contains all settable variables for an unattended
//          run of the InfoPrint Manager Installer.

// It is crucial that hostname match the current hostname setting
// if you are performing an unattended REMOTE install.

//  License Type Options

// The following setting is used to determine whether you intend to
// install InfoPrint Manager using Trial or Register license type,
// where 1 indicates "Trial"  and 0 indicates "Register".

// The following setting is used to determine whether you accept 
//the license agreement of either Trial or Register license type. 
Read the license agreements, from Ricoh Company Ltd.
// and other companies, carefully. To review the licenses in other 
// languages, refer to the Publications DVD or the web page a
vailable at
// The value of 1 indicates "Accept" and 0 indicates "Decline".
// Declining the license will cause the product not to install.
// The following setting is used only when a Register license type
// is selected and it is used to determine the location of the
// license file used for registration of the InfoPrint Manager
// product. Make sure your license file is available on the
// specified location during the installation process.

// The following variables define the InfoPrint Manager components
// or features you want to install.
//	 1 indicates "yes" and 0 indicates "no".

// Pull Print settings
// The following parameters define the host and the port of the
// InfoPrint Manager command processor server (and its backup)
// that the Pull Print Feature is usingto communicate with
// the InfoPrint Manager servers.
// Example: PRIMARY_HOST_PORT=localhost:6874

// If you are running a reinstall or a migration from a previous
// release of InfoPrint Manager, you will probably want to retain
// your previously defined configuration objects. To do this,
// set wantKeepObjects to 1. If you want to have a new minimal
// configuration, set to 0.

// Set PrimaryServer to 1 if this is on the primary server, 
// otherwise set PrimaryServer to 0 and SecondaryServer to 1.

// If installing InfoPrint Manager on a secondary server, 
// you must specify the IP address (or resolvable host name) 
// of the primary system in the primSrvrAddr variable.

// Set the language, by default is en_US
// iprLocale=fr_FR
// iprLocale=es_ES
// iprLocale=de_DE
// iprLocale=it_IT
// iprLocale=Ja_JP

//  File System Allocation Options (in Megabytes)


// Paging space should be 512 Megabytes or twice physical memory,
// whichever is larger.

// You should elect to exit if the code installation fails.
// Details of the failure will be in 

// Logging off when installing a remote system can cause
// crashes. Leave this variable set to 0 when running remotely.