Saving the RIP output

The raster image processor (RIP) file is generated during the print process. Because PostScript to RIP processing can be costly, you might want to save your RIP files for reprinting jobs to avoid having to RIP them again. To use the Save RIPed file option, you must set up the Shared Folder in Client uses field on the Folders tab of the Settings dialog.

When you add a file to your job ticket, click the Save RIPed file check box option on the Advanced tab to specify that the RIPed file is to be saved. The RIP file is saved in the shared folder location you previously specified on the server you are currently working on (for example, K:\rip\myjob.jtk\). When a job is submitted to the server and Save RIPed file is checked, the RIP file is re-RIPed. You can re-use an already ripped version of the file from the shared folder by checking the Use RIPed on the Files tab.

Note: If you save your RIPed files, you must manually remove them from the server.