Controlling actual destinations

The InfoPrint SMIT production print interface menu selections for controlling actual destinations allow you to perform these tasks:

  • Pause and resume actual destinations. Paused actual destinations still accept jobs from their queues, but they do not process and print the jobs.
  • Disable and enable actual destinations. Disabled actual destinations process jobs already assigned to them but do not accept new jobs from their associated queues.
  • Backspace and forward space actual destinations. You can cause InfoPrint to back up or skip forward a specified number of pages in the job currently printing on a specific actual destination.
  • Specify the forms that are currently loaded in the printer device. You can specify the type of form that is loaded in each input tray of the printer.
  • Specify job-batches-ready values for actual destinations. You can set up actual destinations so that they will process jobs that request a specific job-batch value.
  • Shut down an actual destination so that it no longer processes jobs. You can specify how you want to shut down the actual destination with regards to how the shutdown process saves checkpoint information about the current job.