Configuring output bins for PCL Secondary

In the InfoPrint Manager GUI in the Printer Properties window on Media/Bin/Trays label, you can select a default output bin for the printer and modify the Map output bin to number table. The Bin name corresponds to the output bin number specified in the AFP data stream and the Bin number corresponds to the PCL output bin number. The maximum number of entries in the table is 6.

The PCL Secondary takes the value from the Bin number and places it in the PCL command to select the output bin as appropriate. Because the PCL printer manufacturers do not necessarily use a one-to-one matching between the value specified in the appropriate PCL command for output bin selection and physical output bin, you must know what value for output bin number set in the PCL command corresponds to what physical output bin.

Note: To do the correct mapping, look into the printer manufacturer specifications to find the number value for each physical input tray on the printer.