Configuring the automatic download of InfoPrint Manager PDF Driver for Windows

InfoPrint Manager PDF driver can be configured to be downloaded automatically on the client systems.
  1. Start Command Prompt.
    Note: You must have administrator privileges or the account you use must be in the ipmupdategroup group. If you are running Command Prompt using an administrator account, make sure that you select the Run as Administrator option.
  2. Type ipmupdateserverctl freeze and press the Enter key to enter Maintenance mode.
    Note: The Maintenance mode unlocks the product path folder and you can add and remove any files contained in the product path subdirectories. While in Maintenance mode, the InfoPrint Manager Update Server does not accept any new connections from the client systems.
  3. Copy ipm_driver.cfg from <install_dir>\cfg-samples\ to <configuration_dir>.
    Note: The default installation directory is c:\Program Files\RICOH\InfoPrint Manager Update Server and the default program directory is c:\ProgramData\RICOH\InfoPrint Manager Update Server\.
  4. To specify the global settings and create filters, edit the ipm_driver.cfg file. See Sample ipm_driver.cfg for more details about the configuration file.
  5. Unzip the contents of file from the InfoPrint Manager Common Clients DVD to <configuration_dir>\Products\InfoPrint Manager PDF Driver\Windows\<product_version>\Kit\
  6. Copy Visual Studio Redistributable kit from the InfoPrint Manager Common Clients DVD to <configuration_dir>\Products\InfoPrint Manager PDF Driver\Windows\<product_version>\Kit\.