Configuring the automatic download of InfoPrint Select for Windows from a Linux update server

  1. Run ipmupdateserverctl freeze to enter Maintenance mode.
    Note: The Maintenance mode unlocks the product path folder and you can add and remove any files contained in the parent folder. The InfoPrint Manager server is also temporarily disabled.
  2. Copy ipm_select.cfg from /usr/share/doc/ipr-ipmupdateserver-nn.nn.nn/cfg-samples/ipm_select.cfg to /etc/ipmupdateserver/.
  3. Edit the ipm_select.cfg file to specify the global settings and create filters.
  4. Copy the InfoPrint Select kit from the InfoPrint Manager Common Clients DVD to /var/lib/ipmupdateserver/Products/InfoPrint Select/Windows/nn.nn.nn.nn/Kit.
  5. Copy the response files and installation scripts from /usr/share/doc/ipr-ipmupdateserver-nn.nn.nn/cfg-samples/scripts/ to /var/lib/ipmupdateserver/Products/InfoPrint Select/Windows/nn.nn.nn.nn/Kit, where nn.nn.nn.nn is the version number.
    • The installation scripts are install_InfoPrint_Select_new.cmd, install_InfoPrint_Select_repair.cmd, install_InfoPrint_Select_update.cmd.
    • The response files are setup_new.iss, setup_update.iss, setup_repair.iss.
  6. Run ipmupdateserverctl unfreeze to exit Maintenance mode.