Running InfoPrint Manager Update Server service control utility on Windows

You can control the operation of InfoPrint Manager Update using the ipmupdateserverctl tool.

Only users that have administrator privileges or users in the ipmupdategroup group can issue commands to InfoPrint Manager Update Server.

The ipmupdateserverctl utility calculates the files checksum and control files and directories permissions in the InfoPrint Manager Update Server product-path directory. The product-path directory is specified in the C:\ProgramData\RICHO\InfoPrint Manager Update Server\ipm_updateserver.cfg file.

These arguments are allowed for ipmupdateserverctl:

ipmupdateserverctl notifies ipmupdateserver to temporary stop any requests for Infoprint Manager Update clients. When ipmupdateserver acknowledges the operation, it removes all checksums and allows you to modify the files and directories in ipmupdateserver database.
Note: If you freeze ipmupdateserver database and the then restart ipmupdateserver, the service starts without providing any updates for Infoprint Manager Update clients. You must freeze and unfreeze the database to continue providing updates.
ipmupdateserverctl calculates the checksum for every file in the ipmupdateserver database and removes the modify access permissions for files and directories. Then, it notifies ipmupdateserver to resume any requests for Infoprint Manager Update clients.
ipmupdateserverctl queries and displays the status of ipmupdateserver.

Note: If you are running Command Prompt using an administrator account, make sure that you select the Run as Administrator option.