InfoPrint Manager GUI software

When you install the InfoPrint Manager server, you automatically install the standard InfoPrint Manager Java GUIs: the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI, the InfoPrint Manager Operations GUI, and the Web GUI. You can also install two additional GUIs: the Basic InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI and the Basic InfoPrint Manager Operations GUI. The Operations GUIs provide a subset of the funtions available in the Administration GUIs.

You can also install the Java interfaces on a suitable Windows or Linux systems. The system does not need to have the InfoPrint Manager server software installed.

The InfoPrint Manager Web Interface is installed automatically when you install the InfoPrint Manager server. You don’t have to install the interfaces separately on the remote Windows machines. The InfoPrint Manager Web Interface can be accessed by browsers anywhere on the network.

The InfoPrint Manager Web Interface supports the same security features as the InfoPrint Administration and Operations GUIs and any existing FST security settings apply to the Web Interface as well. However, the read operations taken to display the objects in the Web Interface web application are performed by a special user wsClient. This user must be a member of the WebServices group. The WebServices group needs read access for the List/Query (pdls) operations on each InfoPrint Manager system the Web Interface connects to. Any other operations are performed with the specific user@hostname user connecting to the web application. For more information about the FST security, see InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Procedures.

The Web interface contains a login panel where you can use the Web Administration or the LDAP credentials. The IPM administrator must define users in the web application using the User Management function. The user name defined for login is mapped with a FST user based on which IPM commands are executed. Use these credentials for accessing the Web Interface Administrator: DefaultUser for user name and password for password.

Follow the procedures in this section to use InfoPrint Manager GUI software to administer or control your InfoPrint Manager server from a remote system.