Examples: Using the destination-pass-through attribute

The first two-step example creates an initial value document and associates it with the default logical destination so that all jobs sent to this destination will pass the specified attributes.

  1. Specify this pdcreate command to create an initial value document named upload1–dd on the InfoPrint Linux server nome:
    pdcreate -c initial-value-document \
    -x"destination-pass-through='WRITER=WTR1 PASSTHRU=BURST=YES,CLASS=A'"\
  2. Specify this pdset command to associate the initial value document named upload1–dd with the nome-lp logical destination:
    pdset -c destination\

The second example uses the pdpr command to pass attributes for a class of A, a form of B, a job destination of B205, and a BURST value of YES on a single job with a test2.tif input file:

pdpr -p nome-lp\

The third example uses the pdset command to specify a class of A, a form of B, a BURST value of YES, and a WRITER value of WTR1 on all jobs sent to the actual destination nome-ad.

pdset \
-x"destination-pass-through='WRITER=WTR1 PASSTHRU=CLASS=A,FORMS=B,