Installing multiple data set support with AFP Download Plus

Use this procedure to install the AFP Download Plus multiple data set support.
  1. Install AFP Download Plus with APAR OA15317. To enable the multiple data set function, set the dataset-grouping parameter in the control statement data set to Yes. For more information about installing AFP Download Plus, see the "Installing AFP Download Plus" chapter in Print Service Facility for z/OS: AFP Download Plus, S550-0433. Using the MVS Download exit 15 program to enable multiple data set on AFP Download Plus is not supported.
  2. Do not specify these attributes either directly or in Initial Value Job or Initial Value Document objects:
    • transform-message-file-name
    • resource-context-page-definition
    You can use the resource-context attribute instead of the resource-context-page-definition attribute.
  3. Make sure that all of the MVS Download receivers that you plan to use have parallel processing turned off. If parallel processing is enabled, you cannot use those receivers with multiple data set jobs. To see the status of parallel processing:
    1. Open the Management Console and click the MVS Download Receivers item in the left pane. A list of receivers appears in the right pane.
    2. Double-click each receiver to open the Viewing dialog.
    3. In the Processing Options box, see if Parallel Processing is enabled. If it is enabled, you cannot use that receiver with multiple data sets.