Limitations of multiple data set support

This support has these limitations:

  1. You cannot use custom MVS Download exits on Windows with this function— you must use the sample exit that comes with InfoPrint Manager.
  2. This solution applies only to line mode, mixed mode, or MO:DCA-P data sets.
  3. You cannot have inline resources with the same name and different content in the same job, except for page definitions and form definitions.
  4. The job-page-count attribute includes the separator pages when the host separator page is enabled, but the separator pages are not included in the job-page-count for any other jobs.
  5. When the separator page support is enabled in the host but the data set does not contain the separator page, the receiver will print the job with InfoPrint Manager separators. In order to suppress the InfoPrint Manager separators, you can perform one of the following options:
    • Change the scripts/exits to set the auxiliary-sheet-selection job attribute to none permanently.
    • Set the printer-start-sheet, printer-separator-sheet, and printer-end-sheet job attributes to none for the actual destination.
    • Set the auxiliary-sheet-selection job attribute to none for the logical destination.
  6. You must disable parallel processing when you create the MVS Download Receiver, so that it only receives one data set at a time. You cannot change processing options on existing receivers. As a result, you will have to delete and re-create any receivers that have parallel processing enabled.
  7. You must have enough disk space on the Windows system to receive and transform all of the data sets in a multiple data set job. If you do not use this solution, data sets might be received and transformed individually, so less space might be required.
  8. This solution does not create three types of form definition (FORMDEF) statements in the generation of a comprehensive inline form definition:
    • MSU (Map Suppression)
    • PFC (Presentation Fidelity Control)
    • MFC (Medium Finishing Control)
    • PEC (Presentation Environment Control)
    • MDR (Map Data Resource)
Note: If you enable multiple data set support using MVS Download, and you need to configure multiple MVS Download FSA's, you must have one receiver for each Download FSA that is submitting jobs to the InfoPrint Manager server. If you do not do this and two MVS Download FSA systems send jobs at the same time, the job data sets can become intermingled and errors or incorrect output can result. This restriction does not apply to AFP Download Plus. Multiple AFP Download Plus FSAs can be enabled for multiple data set and use one receiver.