Submitting multiple data set jobs

MVS Download and AFP Download Plus send each JES SYSOUT data set separately to the MVS Download receiver on Windows. By default, the receiver spools each data set as a separate file. On MVS, a job can contain multiple data sets. Use this procedure to customize your installation for MVS Download multiple data set job support, so that the data sets in a job sent to InfoPrint Manager through MVS Download print in sequence, with no intervening files, no NPRO processing between files, and only one header and trailer page for the set.

InfoPrint Manager now enables multiple data sets to be received, individually transformed by ACIF into MO:DCA-P, and then combined into a single file and spooled. InfoPrint Manager uses the medium maps (copy groups) from the form definition that is associated with each data set to build a comprehensive inline form definition that it inserts at the beginning of the combined file.

Use these procedures to install and configure MVS Download support for printing multiple data set jobs.