Ricoh strives to provide products with usable access for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

For more information about the commitment that we have made to accessibility, refer to the Accessibility page on the Ricoh web site.

Accessibility features

Accessibility features help users who have disabilities, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, use information technology products successfully.

The major accessibility features in this product let you:

  • Use screen readers, screen magnifiers, and other assistive technologies.
  • Use a keyboard instead of a mouse.
  • Change attributes such as volume, color, contrast, and font size.
  • Distinguish keys by touch without activating them.
  • Attach alternative input and output devices such as special pointing devices and Braille displays.

In addition, the information center and the publications for the product are in an accessible format.

Markup Navigator shortcut keys

When a markup object that you defined has focus in the Markup Navigator, you can use these shortcut keys:

Markup Navigator shortcut keys

Description Key
Opens the Edit dialog Enter
Deletes a markup object Delete

Keyboard navigation

This product uses standard Microsoft Windows navigation keys.