Naming conventions for the WorldType Fonts

The WorldType font naming convention uses the format of TTTTLLSB with the definitions listed in Tables 10 and 11 below.

Note: The InfoPrint Font Collection contains the latest version of the WorldType fonts. The file name prefixes in Version 8.2.2 are different from the file name prefixes in Version 6.3. This section describes the naming conventions for the latest WorldType font version.

WorldType font naming: TTTT identifies the typeface name

TTTT Typeface name
wt__ WT Serif
wt_d WT SerifDuo
wts_ WT Sans
wtsd WT SansDuo

WorldType font naming: LLSB identifies the localization, subset and the presents of embedded bitmaps

LLSB Typeface name appendage Description Bitmaps
i___ IN Indic No
j_eb J EA Japanese East Asian Yes
j__b J Japanese Yes
k__b K Korean Yes
k_eb K EA Korean East Asian Yes
m___ ME Middle East No
s__b SC Simplified Chinese Yes
s_eb SC EA Simplified Chinese East Asian Yes
sxb_ SC xB Simplified Chinese-Extension B No
th_b HK Traditional Chinese Hong Kong Yes
theb HK EA Traditional Chinese Hong Kong East Asian Yes
tt_b TW Traditional Chinese Taiwan Yes
tteb TW EA Traditional Chinese Taiwan East Asian Yes
ttxb TW xB Traditional Chinese Taiwan Extension B Yes
sea_ SEA Southeast Asia No
w___   Windows Glyph List 4 No