Math, PI, and Sonoran fonts

This section lists the Math, PI, and Sonoran 240-pel raster fonts that are included in the z/OS Font Collection.

The next table provides this information:

Font name
The name of the font.
Code page
An eight-character name, with "T1" as the prefix, that identifies the code page.
The graphic character set global identifier (GCSGID), which is a collection of characters registered with a unique number and sometimes used for font and code page selection.
For Math Symbols Serif and Math Symbols San Serif, the GCSGID is 909. For all the others, it is 0.
The code page global identifier (CPGID), which is a number registered by IBM to identify each code page uniquely.
The width of the font. Values are:
The weight of the font. Values are:
Coded font
An eight-character name of the font, with "X0" as the prefix, that identifies the combination of code page and character set.
Character set
An eight-character name, with "C0" as the prefix, that identifies an AFP raster character set.
Vertical size
The maximum vertical size of the font in points.

Summary of Math, PI, and Sonoran 240-pel fonts

The coded font, character set, and point size of Math, PI, and Sonoran 240-pel fonts are grouped by font name, code page, GCSGID, CPGID, width, and weight.
Font name Code page CPGID Wd Wt Coded font Character set Vertical size
Math Format T1M00830 2080 M M X0MO5500 C0MO5500 10.0
X0MO5541 C0MO5541 40.0
X0MO5560 C0MO5560 6.0
X0MO5570 C0MO5570 7.0
X0MO5580 C0MO5580 8.0
X0MO5581 C0MO5581 44.0
X0MO5590 C0MO5590 9.0
X0MO55A0 C0MO55A0 11.0
X0MO55B0 C0MO55B0 12.0
X0MO55B1 C0MO55B1 48.0
X0MO55D0 C0MO55D0 14.0
X0MO55F0 C0MO55F0 16.0
X0MO55H0 C0MO55H0 18.0
X0MO55H1 C0MO55H1 54.0
X0MO55J0 C0MO55J0 20.0
X0MO55L0 C0MO55L0 22.0
X0MO55N0 C0MO55N0 24.0
X0MO55N1 C0MO55N1 60.0
X0MO55R0 C0MO55R0 28.0
X0MO55T0 C0MO55T0 30.0
X0MO55V0 C0MO55V0 32.0
X0MO55Z0 C0MO55Z0 36.0
X0MO55Z C0MO55Z1 72.0
Math Symbols Serif T1M00829 829 M M X0MP5500 C0MP5500 10.0
X0MP5560 C0MP5560 6.0
X0MP5570 C0MP5570 7.0
X0MP5580 C0MP5580 8.0
X0MP5590 C0MP5590 9.0
X0MP55A0 C0MP55A0 11.0
X0MP55B0 C0MP55B0 12.0
X0MP55D0 C0MP55D0 14.0
X0MP55F0 C0MP55F0 16.0
X0MP55H0 C0MP55H0 18.0
X0MP55N0 C0MP55N0 24.0
X0MP55Z0 C0MP55Z0 36.0
B X0MP7500 C0MP7500 10.0
X0MP7560 C0MP7560 6.0
X0MP7570 C0MP7570 7.0
X0MP7580 C0MP7580 8.0
X0MP7590 C0MP7590 9.0
X0MP75A0 C0MP75A0 11.0
X0MP75B0 C0MP75B0 12.0
X0MP75D0 C0MP75D0 14.0
X0MP75F0 C0MP75F0 16.0
X0MP75H0 C0MP75H0 18.0
X0MP75N0 C0MP75N0 24.0
X0MP75Z0 C0MP75Z0 36.0
Math Symbols San Serif T1M00829 829 M M X0MQ5500 C0MQ5500 10.0
X0MQ5560 C0MQ5560 6.0
X0MQ5570 C0MQ5570 7.0
X0MQ5580 C0MQ5580 8.0
X0MQ5590 C0MQ5590 9.0
X0MQ55A0 C0MQ55A0 11.0
X0MQ55B0 C0MQ55B0 12.0
X0MQ55D0 C0MQ55D0 14.0
X0MQ55F0 C0MQ55F0 16.0
X0MQ55H0 C0MQ55H0 18.0
X0MQ55N0 C0MQ55N0 24.0
X0MQ55Z0 C0MQ55Z0 36.0
B X0MQ7500 C0MQ7500 10.0
X0MQ7560 C0MQ7560 6.0
X0MQ7570 C0MQ7570 7.0
X0MQ7580 C0MQ7580 8.0
X0MQ7590 C0MQ7590 9.0
X0MQ75A0 C0MQ75A0 11.0
X0MQ75B0 C0MQ75B0 12.0
X0MQ75D0 C0MQ75D0 14.0
X0MQ75F0 C0MQ75F0 16.0
X0MQ75H0 C0MQ75H0 18.0
X0MQ75N0 C0MQ75N0 24.0
X0MQ75Z0 C0MQ75Z0 36.0
PI Serif T1GPI363 2066 M M X0Q0550P C0Q05500 10.0
X0Q0556P C0Q05560 6.0
X0Q0558P C0Q05580 8.0
X0Q055BP C0Q055B0 12.0
B X0Q0750P C0Q07500 10.0
X0Q0756P C0Q07560 6.0
X0Q0758P C0Q07580 8.0
X0Q075BP C0Q075B0 12.0
PI Sans Serif T1GPI363 2066 M M X0P0550P C0P05500 10.0
X0P0556P C0P05560 6.0
X0P0558P C0P05580 8.0
X0P055BP C0P055B0 12.0
B X0P0750P C0P07500 10.0
X0P0756P C0P07560 6.0
X0P0758P C0P07580 8.0
X0P075BP C0P075B0 12.0
Sonoran Display T1GE0200 2081 M M X0J055JE C0J055J0 20.0
X0J055ZE C0J055Z0 36.0
Sonoran Petite T1GE0300 2082 SB M X0Z0564E C0Z05640 4.0