DBCS fonts

DBCS core fonts are part of the AFP raster fonts shipped with the z/OS Font Collection. The fonts contain different typefaces that are suitable for printing various Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) documents. CJK fonts are derived from the Adobe CID-Keyed font technology.

DBCS fonts are provided in 240-pel bounded-box font formats for the z/OS, IBM , AIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

Summary table for DBCS fonts lists DBCS fonts by CJK typeface.

The Japanese DBCS Raster fonts and extended code pages were enhanced in the 3.7 version of the InfoPrint Font Collection. The new Japanese Era name character, Reiwa, has been added to section E8 code point 60 of the DBCS character sets C0****E8 and code pages T10300E8, T10300, T1I300, T1J300, T1K300. The GCGID for the new Japanese Era name character is IXA0E860, which represents EBCDIC double byte code point E860.

In version 3.8 of the InfoPrint Font Collection, three Japanese DBCS Outline fonts: CZJHKG, CZJHMG, CZJHMN and four DBCS code pages: T1I300,T1J300,T1K300,T10300 were enhanced to include the new Japanese Era, Reiwa character 令和 utilizing GCGID IXA0E860 and EBCDIC double byte code point E860.