Troubleshooting data migration errors

If you see errors when migrating data from DB2 to PostgreSQL, check the following:

Unable to connect to the DB2 database.
Make sure that DB2 is running and that you can connect to it. To check for DB2 database enter: db2 connect to aiwdb

If no connection info is returned, enter: db2start and check the status again.

Unable to connect to the PostgreSQL database.
Make sure that PostgreSQL database is running.
To check for PostgreSQL database open a command line and type: docker info
Table {0} was not found in the PostgreSQL database.
If you see this message and you find that there are missing objects or configurations on the server, contact Software Support. It is normal for some tables to be removed if they are no longer used.
Table {0} was not found in the DB2 database.
Tables might be missing be due to the installation of additional features.
Failed to migrate table {0} because of {1}
Try to migrate the table again by running ./ -t <tablename> script. If the table migration fails again, contact Software Support for assistance.
Unable to read the list of tables for migration.
Contact Software Support for further assistance.
Invalid configuration file: System.database.cfg
Check the file permissions for the System.database.cfg file. Type: ls -l $AIWDATA/config/System.database.cfg and compare the output to this: -rwxrwxr-x

If they do not match, update the permissions as needed. Otherwise, contact Software Support for further assistance.

Unable to remove the DB2 license because of {0}
The DB2 file could not be cleaned. This error can be ignored as uninstalling DB2 results in cleaning the file.