Database property names for Kodak PDF printers

Messages might refer to properties for Kodak PDF printers.

Some of the values that you see in drop-down lists in the user interface are not the same as the values that RICOH ProcessDirector uses internally. When you make some requests using Web services or set values using an overrides file, you must use the internal value. The Internal values column lists the internal values for those properties.

In the Editable column:

  • Yes means that an authorized user can change the value.
  • No means that an authorized user cannot change the value.

Kodak PDF printer properties

Database name Notebook tab: field name Brief description Internal values Editable
Kodak.PDFPrinter.BannerPage.Tray Banner page input tray Specifies the printer input tray that holds the paper that should be used for header and trailer pages.   Yes
Kodak.PDFPrinter.MergeBanner Merge banner pages into PDF print file Specifies whether header and trailer banner files are merged into the PDF print file or sent to the printer as separate files.
  • No
  • Yes
Kodak.PrinterQueue Kodak printer queue Specifies the name of the LPR print queue used for the Kodak printer.   Yes