Database property names for Archive

Messages might refer to Archive properties.

In the Editable column:

  • Yes means that an authorized user can change the value.
  • No means that an authorized user cannot change the value.

Archive properties

Database name Notebook field name Brief description Editable
Doc.Member.Number User interface name: Member number (not displayed as field in property notebook) Specifies the member number in the document. The RepositorySample supplied workflow uses this property. No
Job.Exportrep.ExportInput Search criteria Specifies the properties and values the ExportFromRepository step uses to search the repository for data to export. Yes
Job.Exportrep.ExportInputType Criteria type Specifies whether the value in the Search criteria property is a file or a string. Yes
Job.Exportrep.ExportOutputFile Export results file Specifies the full path or symbolic name of the Comma Separated Values (CSV) file where the step writes the exported data. Yes
Job.Exportrep.HeaderFile Results file descriptor Specifies the path and file name to the file that lists which property values you want the ExportFromRepository step to retrieve from the repository and include in the export results file. Yes
Job.Exportrep.Repository Repository Specifies the repository to search for information to export. Yes
Job.Repository.DocPropToArchive Document properties to store Document properties that can be stored with the file. Yes
Job.Repository.EntryType Archive entry type Adds a custom label for the information that is stored in the repository by this step, such as Original job file, Preflight, Print data, or History only. Yes
Job.Repository.FileToArchive File to store Specifies the file you want to store in the repository. Yes
Job.Repository.JobPropToArchive Job properties to store Job properties that are stored for use in retrieving the file or history information. Yes
Job.Repository.LastNumOfRecordsExported Last number of records exported Specifies the number of records exported the last time that the ExportFromRepository step ran. No
Job.Repository.Overrides Path to override properties file Specifies the path and name of a text file that contains a list of job properties whose values you want to preserve for use when the job or its documents are resubmitted to a workflow. Yes
Job.Repository.RefAttributes Associated properties file Specifies the full path or symbolic name of the file that the StoreInRepository step can use to store one or more properties that are associated with the job, but that are properties of other objects. Yes
Job.Repository.Repository Repository Specifies the repository where the file is stored. Yes
Job.Repository.ResubmitFileName Repository Specifies the name of the file to resubmit. Yes
Job.Repository.StoreHistory Store history records Specifies whether the step stores production history collected by one or more history record notification objects. Yes
Job.Repository.DocFileToArchive Document properties file Specifies the name of a tab-delimited file containing property values to store in the repository. The file can contain values for document properties, fields that are not defined as RICOH ProcessDirector document properties, or a combination of both. Yes
Repository.Description Description Describes the repository. For example, it might describe the type of data that is deposited here. Yes
Repository.DiskSpace Disk space used (GB) Shows how much disk space is used by files in the repository. No
Repository.FileLocation Folder location Specifies the directory where the repository stores the data. The property can be changed by using the Change folder location action. No
Repository.FilesStored Files stored Shows the total number of Archive entries containing job or document data stored in the repository. Archive entries containing only history information or properties are not counted. No
Repository.ID Name Specifies the name of the repository. No
Repository.LastModified Last modified The date and time that the repository was last changed. No
Repository.Location Location Specifies the location associated with a repository. Yes
Repository.NextDelete Next deletion of expired files Shows the date and time when the next file with an expired Retention period is deleted. Yes
Repository.RetainDuration Retention period Specifies the period of time to store an archive entry in this repository. The unit of time for the value can be days, weeks, months, or years. The property can be changed by using the Change retention period action. No