Adding custom portlets to the Main page

RICOH ProcessDirector provides several options to create custom portlets showing property combinations in a structure that is relevant to your operation.
Before you begin, make sure that you know what type of custom portlet you want to create.

To add a custom portlet to the Main page:

  1. On the Administration page, click MAIN PAGECustom Portlets .
    • After you create your first custom portlet, you can create more from the Main page. Hover over the Main tab and click Add a custom portlet ().
  2. Click Add to add a new custom portlet type.
  3. On the General tab, fill in values for all the required fields.
  4. On the Objects To Show tab, select the Object type that you want to display in the custom portlet.
    To limit the number of objects that are included in the portlet, define one or more conditions to use to filter the objects that are displayed in the portlet. Each condition consists of a property, a comparison, and a value. For example, if you want to exclude jobs in the Complete phase, add a condition of Current phase is not Complete.
    • To define an additional condition, click the plus sign () to the right of any condition.
    • To delete a condition, click the minus sign () to the right of the condition you want to delete.
    • When selecting the Numeric portlet, the Objects To Show tab is only visible when including a new indicator.
  5. On the Presentation tab, select how you want to display the information on the Main page.
    • For Matrix, select the properties for rows and columns used to define the matrix portlet. One column is the count of the objects and other columns can be added if they have values that can be summed such as number of pages. If you want to include a row that displays the sum of each column, select Yes for Show totals row field.
    • For Tree, select the hierarchy of properties that form the rows. One column is the count of the objects and other columns can be added if they have values that can be summed such as number of pages.
    • For Numeric, add an indicator and select the property that the indicator counts.You can add more than one indicator to a portlet and use multiple types of objects in the same portlet.
  6. On the Display Preferences tab, select what happens if the user clicks a cell in the portlet.
    • Select Fixed Portlet to filter the Jobs table, replacing any other filters that were active. This option is only available if Jobs is the object type contained in the custom portlet. This option is available only for Matrix and Tree styles.
    • Select Floating Window if you want to open a floating window showing only the objects counted in the cell selected in the custom portlet.

      You can save details about the last position and size of the columns in the floating window. Or, you can allow more than one floating window to be opened from the custom portlet at the same time.

  7. To save your custom portlet and add it to your Main page, click OK. Other users can select the new portlet from the list of portlets on the Main tab when they next click it.