Upgrading to the current version on a different computer

To lower the risk of problems and minimize downtime during the upgrading process when upgrading to a more recent version, it is recommended to install RICOH ProcessDirector on a different computer, if you have one.
If you are upgrading from a version of RICOH ProcessDirector earlier than version 3.4, the upgrade installs the AFP Support feature, which provides AFP functions for both jobs and documents.

To upgrade to the current version of RICOH ProcessDirector on a different computer:

  1. Verify that your system meets the prerequisites.
  2. If you have the Reports feature installed, review Special considerations for upgrading the Reports feature.
  3. Before upgrading your system, back up your data.
    See Backing up data for more information.
  4. Follow the installation instructions just as you would for a new installation.
    See Installing for more information.
  5. Return to this procedure after you complete the process to install the base product.
  6. Log in to the version of RICOH ProcessDirector that you just installed.
  7. Install the same features that you had on your old system and any new features that you have purchased. If an error occurs during the installation, contact Ricoh Software Support.
  8. Go back to the old version of RICOH ProcessDirector and export the objects that you want to move to the new system.
    See Exporting objects for more information.
  9. Import the objects to the new system.
    See Copying objects from another system for more information.
  10. Verify object credentials, object configuration and that the system works correctly.
  • RICOH ProcessDirector and all features install in trial mode. After you upgrade, download and install license keys. If the trial period expires before you install license keys, the software stops working. See Downloading and installing license keys for more information.