This sample media specifies electronic forms for its front and back sides. If the CombinePDFWithForm step processes a job that uses this media, the step combines the front form with the data on the front pages. The step combines the back form with the data on the back pages.

Because the media specifies an electronic form for its back side, the step converts simplex jobs that use the media to duplex.

The Preprinted Forms Replacement feature supplies two jobs that require this media. When you enable and connect the ElectronicFormJobFolder input device, it submits the jobs to the ElectronicFormJobSample workflow.

The ElectronicJob.pdf job goes through the CombinePDFWithForm step, which combines the electronic forms with the job data. The step also removes the reference to the ElectronicFrontAndBack media name. The job then can print on the media that is specified as the default on the printer.

The PreprintedJob.pdf job does not go through the step. The job still prints on preprinted paper (with the media name ElectronicFrontAndBack) when it reaches the PrintJobs step.

Property Value
Media description Defines sample electronic forms for the front and back sides. Sample jobs for the ElectronicFormJobSample workflow use this media.
Product ID  
Send media name in job ticket No
Last modified  
Media units Inches
Media width 8.5
Media height 11
Media weight (gsm)  
Front of form The full path and name of the one-page PDF file selected as the form:
  • /aiw/aiw1/testfiles/ConstantFrontJob.pdf (AIX and Linux)
  • C:\aiw\aiw1\testfiles\ConstantFrontJob.pdf (Windows)
Use page 1
Back of form The full path and name of the one-page PDF file selected as the form:
  • /aiw/aiw1/testfiles/ConstantBackJob.pdf (AIX and Linux)
  • C:\aiw\aiw1\testfiles\ConstantBackJob.pdf (Windows)
Use page 1
Media name for printing None
Media type details Paper
Media color Not set
Media is recycled Not set
Recycled content (%)  
Media is preprinted No
Media is prepunched No
Coating (front side) Not set
Print sides Both
Stock Not set
Opacity Not set
Texture None