A step that is based on the SetDocPropsFromConditions step template updates the document properties file in the job based on other document and job property values. You use a property conditions file to assign property values.

For example, you might want to group documents based on a particular ZIP code range, and then create separate child jobs for the ZIP code groups. Additionally, you might want to print each child job at a different location.

Each document has one ZIP code, not a value for its ZIP code group. You add a step to a workflow based on the SetDocPropsFromConditions step template to set a value for a Doc.Custom.Region property based on a ZIP code range. (To implement this example, you would have already defined the custom properties Doc.Custom.Zip and Doc.Custom.Region in the document properties configuration file, run the docCustom utility, and installed or upgraded the Custom Document Properties feature.)

ZIP codes from 00000-50000 go into one group and ZIP codes from 50001-99999 go into another group. You can define the values for the Doc.Custom.Region property in the property conditions file like this:


If you have a defined Job.Destination property, you can assign the Job.Destination value based on the value of Doc.Custom.Region property: if Doc.Custom.Region = WEST, then Job.Destination=PHOENIX; if Doc.Custom.Region = EAST, then Job.Destination=OHIO.


Job property defaults

  • Property conditions file: Not set

Usage notes

  • This step must run on the primary server.
  • If you are using a conditions file to set a job property value based on a document property value, the job property's value will be assigned based on the first matching document even if several documents match the defined condition.
  • The property conditions file has additional capabilities, including the ability to: set properties without specifying conditions; use symbol notation; and use an include file to set several properties using Property = value format. For more information, see the related topic about property conditions files.