A step that is based on this step template generates one or more jobs based on entries in the document properties file for the original job. By default, child jobs are created.

CreateJobsFromDocuments creates a document properties file for each child job based on the child job IDs in the document properties file.

The step also creates an overrides files for each child job to specify the child workflow and any child job properties; for example, values for the Total Sheets and Total Pages properties are set for each child workflow.

Note that CreateJobsFromDocuments does not create the file for the child job. The child workflow must have a BuildAFPFromDocuments or BuildPDFFromDocuments step in it to create the file for further processing.

You can assign a workflow for all the child jobs that CreateJobsFromDocuments creates by specifying a value for the Child workflow property.

Job property defaults

  • Child workflow: Not set

Usage note

You cannot delete this step template.