Monitoring for expected jobs

Input devices report the status of jobs that are expected to arrive in your system at the intervals you set. You can use the Input Devices portlet to monitor for the arrival of expected jobs.
If one or more jobs do not arrive during the expected time, a red alert icon appears to the right of the input device.

To clear the alert, use the Resolve action for the input device.

To monitor for expected jobs:

  1. In the Input Devices portlet, right-click an input device and select Show Expected Work.

    The Expected Work dialog opens and you see a list of the expected work objects associated with the input device. You also see a current count of how many jobs are expected and how many have already arrived in the current monitoring period.

    If the expected work for the current period has not yet arrived, you see an alert (Alert icon) icon in the second column.

  2. After you determine which jobs have not arrived and take the appropriate action, return to the Input Devices portlet.
  3. Select the input device and click ActionsResolve.
    The Resolve action clears the Late status for all the expected work objects associated with the input device.