Running AFP2PDF Plus in a private Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure provides a wide variety of virtual machines with configurable operating systems like Windows, Linux SUSE, CentOS, and configurable resources, for example: memory, CPUs, storage space, storage type HDD/SDD.

Requirements to support a private cloud:

AFP2PDF Plus requires these packages to run properly on Unix-based Virtual Machines:

  • SystemD Package
    • The System D is necessary to be able to run AFP2PDF Plus as a service.
  • Fontconfig package
    • The Fontconfig package is a requirement for Java that is needed by AFP2PDF Plus for writing the PDF file.

To start automatically, the AFP2PDF Plus Server must be installed as a service.

Note: To provide support, the support team needs access to information regarding the configuration files or trace information that can be found on the private cloud virtual machines. You must access your virtual machine to retrieve the information we need to provide support in setting up your environment.