Configuring IBM Content Navigator to work with AFP2PDF Plus Transform

To use the AFP2PDF Plus Transform with IBM Content Navigator (ICN), you must configure the ICN Administrator plug-in.
  1. Open the web browser where the ICN plug-ins have been installed and log in to the ICN Administrator plug-in.
  2. To configure the installation directory:
    1. On the left-hand side of the browser screen, select Settings.
    2. In the main panel, select the Content Manager OnDemand tab.
    3. In the AFP2PDF installation directory field, enter the fully qualified path name for the directory where the AFP2PDF Plus transform is installed.
    4. Select Save and Close.
  3. To configure the viewer map:
    1. On the left-hand side of the browser screen, select Default Viewer Map.
    2. Make sure that the Repository Type is set to Content Manager OnDemand, Viewer is set to AFP2PDF Conversion, and MIME Type is set to application/afp.
      If any of the values are incorrect, refer to the Planning, installing, and configuring IBM Content Navigator manual for more details on how to change these values.
  4. Start the AFP2PDF Plus server.