Installing AFP2PDF Plus Transform using the installer

The AFP2PDF Plus Transform can now be installed using an executable jar file,setupafp2pdfPlus, from the ISO file.

To run the transform, perform these steps:

  1. Use the following command: java -jar, where xxx.xx is the transform version; for example, java -jar setupafp2pdfPlus_1.300.00.jar for the 1300.00 AFP2PDF Plus version.
    Depending on the capabilities of your operating system, the AFP2PDF Plus transform opens either using a graphical user interface or a command line.
  2. Follow the installation steps and select either a new install or an upgrade.

    • If you select the Upgrade option, you install AFP2PDF Plus in a directory where a previous transform exists. During an upgrade, the configuration files are not modified, only the binaries are updated.
    • You can install the AFP2PDF Plus service as an additional option. The AFP2PDF Plus service is supported on Windows, AIX, and Linux operating systems. When installed, this service starts the AFP2PDF server at boot time and can be managed with the standard service tools and commands specific to each operating system. To install the service, you must have root or administrator privileges.

The split_afp2pdf and archiveload_afp2pdf programs are delivered as a part of the AFP2PDF Plus Transform. The operating system prerequisites are the same as for the AFP2PDF Plus Transform.