Configuring the Server.cfg File

The Server.cfg file controls the overall server operation of the AFP2PDF Plus Transform.

The Server.cfg file consists of these entries:

Indicates the TCP/IP port number that the AFP2PDF Plus client and server use to communication with one another. It comes preset to 6512, which is currently unassigned in the Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry, which is administered by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). You can change this port number to one of your own choosing, but be careful that it does not conflict with any others in use in your organization.
Indicates that the sleep time on socket accept in milliseconds. It comes preset to 3000 (3 seconds).
Specifies the fully qualified name of the stop server file indicator. As a part of the server shutdown process, StopAFP2PDFServer.bat or reads the Server.cfg file for the stopFile name and creates it. When the stopFileTimeout expires, the server checks for the stop server file indicator and if present, stops the server. The default value is C:\temp\stopServer.txt.
Indicates the sleep time between stopFile checks in milliseconds. It comes preset to 10000 (10 seconds).
Indicates the maximum number of AFP2PDF Plus server threads. It comes preset to 3. It can be changed to improve performance, but should not exceed the number of processor cores in your server hardware.
Indicates the name of the AFP2PDF Plus Transform client handler class. This comes preset to The end user should not change this value.
Indicates the name of the transform initialization class, called once the server starts up. This comes preset to: The end user should not change this value.